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Bacchus winery

Joint Stock Company «Bacchus» - one of the oldest companies in Kazakhstan, leader in producing cognacs and wines, manufacturer of alcohol and non-alcohol products.

We were the pioneers of winemaking in Kazakhstan; on the territory of primary winemaking factories the foundations of the first vineyards were laid. Our company was the first in Kazakhstan and Middle Asia to introduce world classic technology of sparkling wine production according to French method of ageing in bottles “cuvee” and output of vintage cognac. The history of JSC «Bacchus» - sixty five years of specialists’ and masters’ hard work, it is constant improving of technologies, implementation of innovational methods of manufacturing and managing, persistent work to improve quality of the product and its security, it is pursuit to create new products, which would completely satisfy requirements and needs of our consumers. The result of our hard work is company’s collection which contains more than hundred awards, medals and certificates. But the most important award for our work is devoted love and loyalty of company’s customers.

Our mission is to produce high-quality alcohol and non-alcohol drinks from natural materials made and raised in Kazakhstan. We control our equipment to fit international quality standards, our specialists to be recognized professionals and leading winemaking masters of international level and our materials to be natural. All these factors are the guarantee of the highest quality and safety of the company’s products.