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Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon, located about 200km northeast of Almaty, is another sightseeing must for every traveler to Kazakhstan. It is one of the most beautiful places in this country, and some say it does not give in to Colorado.

The eighty kilometer-long canyon is sometimes referred to Dolina Zamkov, or “Valley of the Castles” because some of the oddly shaped rock formations look like battlements and towers.

Castle Valley is the most beautiful part of the canyon. It has a peculiar bright red color and its rock formations resemble castles. If you happen to stay overnight in Castle Valley, sacrifice some sleep to take a moonlit stroll. You will not be the first to have started singing serenades in appreciation of the view. During the day, it is possible to find fossils in the canyon. But please be careful climbing up and down rock formations since they are extremely fragile.

The best time to visit Charyn Canyon is during the spring or autumn when the temperature is not excessively hot. Moreover, during spring and autumn a river crossing service is available.


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