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Kazakhstan Tourist Places


Charyn Canyon, located about 200km northeast of Almaty, is another sightseeing must for every traveler to Kazakhstan. It is one of the most beautiful places in this country, and some say it does not give in to Colorado.The eighty kilometer-long canyon is sometimes referred to Dolina Zamkov, or “Valley of the Castles” because some of the oddly... Read more
Tamgaly is a petroglyph site in the Semirechye, Kazakhstan. Tamgaly is located 120 km to northwest of Almaty. The majority of the 5000 petroglyphs are in the main canyon, but there are a number in the many side canyons. The petroglyphs are mostly Bronze Age, but in some cases from the Iron Age and the Medieval.The name Tamgaly in Kazakh and other... Read more
Big Almaty Lake - Big Almaty Lake is set high up in a gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka River, 2,511 meters above sea level and 28,5 km south of Almaty. It lies in a hollow like a gleaming mirror, surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks.
The Central Park – is located in the East part of the city. It has over two thousand kinds of plants, the artificial reservoirs are created here (boat stations, water attractions), sixteen large attractions function, a cinema, a sports complex, pavilions and platforms, cafes, restaurants, zoo and an aqua park.
Palace of the Republic is a concert hall building located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is intended for concerts, festivals and other cultural events. It was one of the premiere sites for the Eurasia film festival. Outside, with the fountains on the square in front of the Palace and the monument of the Kazakh poet Abay, Palace of the Republic is one... Read more
28 Panfilov Park - This park is one of the oldest in Almaty, where Zenkov Cathedral is located, which is perhaps the most photographed building in the city. Here you will also see the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame, dedicated to the memory of the fighters who died for freedom and independence of the country.
Abai Opera and Ballet theatre- Established in 1934, Abai Kazakh Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is the pride of national musical culture. The building of the theatre, rebuilt and renovated several times during its history, is a milestone example of architecture of Almaty. The theatre is a repertory theatre, drawing on over 40 Kazakh and western... Read more
Koktobe – One of the most and amazing places in the city - Mount Kok-Tobe, located at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. You can climb to the Kok-Tobeby cable car tram in the air, on foot or on a separate bus. From the top of Koktobe there is a nice view of the mountains and the city. It is especially beautiful at night when the city is... Read more
Alasha is one of the best and the most expensive restaurants with authentic oriental atmosphere. Restaurant offers variety of traditional dishes of all Central Asian countries and a daily show with folk music and traditional dances of the region.
A very reputable restaurant of Kazakh national cuisine which is known for its high quality food and service. Also you will enjoy the authentic atmosphere and restaurant's design. 
This restaurant offers a wide variety of premium Belgian beers and best steaks in the city. You will enjoy a great food, meet and cheerful atmosphere. The place is quite popular, that's why it is better to make a reservation in advance.
Cafe Central is a very nice city restaurant located next to the one of the most popular shopping malls of Almaty "Dostyk Plaza". It offers variety of national and european dishes.
Essentay SPA is a luxury sauna complex that you can visit with group ip to 12 people. There is a Finnish sauna, swimming pool, karaoke system and other neccessary facilities for an enjoyable and relaxing time.The complex offers free Wi-Fi, food and drinks. Payment is 6000-8000 KZT per hour.    
This is a luxury sauna complex, with Finnish sauna and Russian banya (heated by birch and pine firewood). The complex is located in a private area with a convnient and guarded parking zone. Cable TV, karaoke system, European cuisine, SPA procedures such as massage, peeling, etc. are available.
Уважаемые жители и гости нашего города! Приглашаем Вас посетить комплекс «Асем тау», расположенный в живописнейшем месте - Алмаарасанском ущелье. На территории имеется 3 сауны из сруба. Парилка исключительно на дровах. Температура до 140 гр. Домашняя кухня, бар. На территории мангал, коктальница, пруд с форелью. Вежливый персонал, отличное... Read more
Traditional Indian restaurant “Bollywood” places at the center of the Almaty city would like to offer the best vegetarian and non-veg cuisine, prepared carefully with the pleasure and according the Indian traditions.
The four-stars hotel "Otrar" settled down in the heart of Alma-Ata, near remarkable central park of the city, entertaining and shopping centers, office buildings. The Otrar hotel will be a convenient place for the guests , the international airport of the city is located in twenty minutes of a driving.
Joint Stock Company «Bacchus» - one of the oldest companies in Kazakhstan, leader in producing cognacs and wines, manufacturer of alcohol and non-alcohol products.We were the pioneers of winemaking in Kazakhstan; on the territory of primary winemaking factories the foundations of the first vineyards were laid. Our company was the first in... Read more
In territory Silt – Alatau of national park the nursery on cultivation of predatory disappearing kinds of birds is located unique in Central Asia. Here breed also train to a hunt of falcons, berkut, eagles. From ancient times of a falcon the Kazakhs used in quality hunting bird. The last century, in territory of several sorts it was possible to... Read more